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No matter what your filing status, we can help you. We have experience in a wide range of filing needs, from Self-Employed and Drivers-on-Demand Income to S-Corps. 

Professional Tax Preparation

Federal and State Tax Preparation, Planning and Representation by an Enrolled Agent for Individuals, and Small Businesses, no matter where you are filing!

Trusted - Professional

We want to be the number one trusted professional tax preparation office in the nation. When it comes to your taxes, trust the professionals at Family Tax Office. If you can’t trust Family, who can you trust?

Simple Fees

We pride ourselves on being transparent by having a simple and reasonable fee structure.

Enrolled Agent, Nationwide Service

Founded by Sherrill L Reeves EA, Family Tax Office has been providing professional income tax preparation services, tax planning, and representation for individuals and small businesses since 2004. Although the majority of our clients are in California, Family Tax Office is knowledgeable in all states income taxation.

Sherrill became an Enrolled Agent (EA) and has prepared personal and business tax returns since 2005.

Prior to becoming an Enrolled Agent, Sherrill professionally prepared tax returns. This was before computers and e-file – back in the day when you stapled your W2’s to your 1040’s, mailed them in. About 16 weeks later, you would get that surprise check in the mail.

She can still remember summertime as a little girl right about August; her Dad would come in from the mailbox, kiss the green check with the statue of liberty on it and say “Pack the cars girls were going camping!”

Sherrill’s passion is in tax preparation helping the working family and small business pay only their fair share by utilizing every tax law advantage.

She keeps up her knowledge with tax law updates as released by Congress.

Sherrill is a mother of four sons and Grandma to eight grandchildren.


The professional staff at Family Tax Office provide income tax preparation services, planning, and representation for individuals and small businesses.

We offer our clients use of virtual services to safely exchange financial information; giving you 24/7 access to excellent service and advice – saving you time and money no matter where you are located!


We Specialize In:

  • Individuals
  • Rental Income
  • Retirement Income
  • Drivers On Demand Income
  • Self Employed
  • Home Based Business
  • Small Business
  • S-Corps
  • Individuals
  • Rental Income
  • Retirement Income
  • Drivers On Demand Income
  • Self Employed
  • Home Based Business
  • Small Business
  • S-Corps

Tax Preparation Fees for Individual 1040

Our packages are priced on commonly used forms for individual tax returns. If you require additional forms, they will be priced per form and complexity.

Tax Preparation Fees for Businesses or Trust Tax Returns

Self-employed Schedule C, LLC, and S-Corps involve a more complex and unique pricing guide. We suggest you consult with one of our tax pros regarding our fees.

Additional fees apply when additional forms are needed.

Frequently used additional forms starting at:

  • Itemized Deductions – $75
  • 8283 Donations over $500 – $15 per charitable organization
  • Drivers On Demand – $150
  • Self Employed – $250
  • Rental Property – $250 per property
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) –  $75
  • 8949 Stock Sales – $15 per Investment Account
  • W2, 1099INT, 1099DIV, 1099R, 1099MISC – $15 per additional forms
     (1 form each per single or head of household, 2 per married filing joint included in package price)

We offer Fee Collect, so you can pay using your refund! Bank fees apply.

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14231 Garden Road Suite 11
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